S4 Evo Range

The S4 Evo Range of Machines are all manufactured in the UK by Series 4 Limited, all spare parts are usually held in stock.

(FE-TWX) Evo Twist Wire Twisting Machine
The Evo Twist (FE-TWX) Electric Wire Twisting Machine is capable of twisting wires in pairs, triples, etc.
*Best Seller* CCB3000 Motorised Evo Wire Prefeeder
This Motorised Cable/Wire Feeding Machine is suitable for cable drums weighing up to 50Kgs and cable diameters up to 11mm.
Crimp Cradle Evo Force Reduction Tool
The Crimp Cradle uses a highly efficient tooling set which provides a mechanical advantage, when hand crimping of approximately 10 to 1.
CS2000 Evo Outer Jacket Stripper
The CS2000 Manual Outer Jacket Cable Stripper is capable of processing between 3mm and 30.5mm O.D cables and unlimited stripping lengths.
DE320 Floor/Bench Mounted Evo Cable Dereeler
The DE320 Cable Reel Holder and Dispenser is a floor or bench mounted frame for storing and dispensing reels of cable. It is ideal for warehouse use or as part of a dereeling system.
DPF1000 Evo Wire Strip and Twist Machine
The DPF1000 Evo Wire Stripping & Twisting Machine is capable of processing between 0.7mm and 5.1mm O.D wires with strip lengths up to 30mm.
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