Component Forming Equipment

TP/R-PR Taped Radial Component Cutting and Forming Machine

The Model TP/R-PR is a very versatile machine for cutting and forming taped radial components. Foot pedal operation which controls the down stroke of the cylinder that moves the upper die, which cuts and forms the component leads.

TP/SC4 Loose Radial Component Cutting & Forming Machine

The Model TP/SC4 is a very flexible pneumatic machine designed for cutting and forming loose radial components. Any of the available forms can be used with the standard version with two cylinders (MOL16.0000).

TP6/PR-B Heavy Duty Axial Component Former

The TP6/PR-B Axial Component Former handles components with a lead diameter from 1 to 1.3mm (.039 to .051). The standard unit is hand operated but can be enhanced with the following accessories. The CS10 loose component feeder to handle loose parts.

TP6/PR-F Axial Component Former

The Model TP6/PR-F Axial Component Former is designed for cutting, bending and forming taped Axial Components. The different units handle components with lead diameters from 0.5-0.8mm, 0.8-1.0mm & 1.0-1.3mm.

TP6/V-PR Vertical Axial Component Former

The TP6/V-PR Vertical Axial Component Forming Machine is designed for cutting and bending taped axial components for vertical mounting. It handles components with a lead diameter from 0.5-0.8mm (0.019-0.031").

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