Coax Wire Stripping

KS-W501 Rotary Wire Stripper and Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

The New KS-W501 Rotary Wire/Coax Cable Stripping Machine is capable of processing between 0.81mm and 7mm O.D wires and stripping lengths up to 48mm.

KS-W66* Series of Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripping Machines

The New KS-W66* Rotary Coax Cable Strippers are capable of processing between 1mm and 45mm O.D Cables with maximum strip lengths of 300mm.

KS-W666 Rotary Cable Stripping Machine

The maximum cable Outer Diameter the KS-W666 Floor Standing Rotary Cable Stripper can process is 34mm with stripping lengths up to 300mm.

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