Second User/Ex-Demo Equipment

Schleuniger EcoStrip 9320 Cut & Strip Machine

The electrically operated high-performance wire cutting & stripping machine EcoStrip 9320 provides an efficient, high-quality means of cutting & stripping cables

Schleuniger PF2200 Prefeeder

The Schleuniger PF2200 is a free-standing, electric-demand prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 50kg (110 lbs.).

Second User Carpenter 71A Pneumatic Wire Stripper

The Carpenter Model 71A Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine is capable of processing wires in the range of 28-12 AWG with a max strip length of 20mm.

Second User HOTweezers & Refurbished Power Supplies

HOTweezer® Thermal Wire Strippers represents the state of the art in design and construction of thermal wire strippers.

Second User Komax 33 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine

The Komax 33 Cut & Strip Machine is capable of processing wires up to 7mm O.D.

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