Crimp Table Foot Pedal Crimping Aid

Crimp Table Crimping Aid:

Benefits of using the Crimp Table:
Up to 400 pieces per hour can be achieved due to less handling and shorter cycle times. Reduces operator fatigue due to less effort.
Greatly reduces risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries. Squeeze force judgment is eliminated as tool reaches a positive stop at the end of each operation cycle.
Reduces rejects due to insertion difficulties when compared to conventional hand use. Safer than many small bench pneumatic tools and a fraction of the cost!
The standard Crimp Table will accept ratchet type hand tools where the plastic handles can be removed for fixing.
Modifications to accept other hand tools can be factory made. (Hand Tool not included)

Features of using the Crimp Table:
Safe, fast, hands free operation. Manual operation, no power or compressed air required. Can be operated standing or seated on a chair.
Portable, ideal for outworkers.
Quick and simple to set up and adjust. Hand tool calibration unaffected.

Crimp Table Crimping Aid Technical Data:
Size When Flat Packed: 1000 x 430 x 85mm
Size When Assembled: 400 x 560 x 930mm
Weight: 15.5Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Order Code: MC1550 - Crimp Table Crimping Aid

Common Spare Parts:
UK1551 - Crimp Tabel Replacement Rod
HT-336FM - Crimp Frame Hand Tool

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