RT8000 Automatic Tape Dispenser (12 Sequential Lengths)

Introducing the New RT-8000 Tape Dispenser (12 Sequential Lengths) which can cut a variety of tapes between 6mm and 60mm wide.

  1. General Details

    RT8000 Automatic Tape Dispenser (12 Sequential Lengths):

    Introducing the new RT-8000 Electric Tape Dispenser which can cut a variety of tapes in a sequence (example A: 50mm, B: 10mm etc up to 12 length settings between 5mm and 999mm). This Electronic Tape Dispenser will accept tape widths of 6~60mm and a maximum outer diameter tape roll of 300mm. The RT8000 Electric Tape Dispenser can also dispense 2 reels of tape at the same time using the tape roll separator.

    The RT8000 Tape Dispenser is easy to maintain as the blade set can be changed without any tooling. You can also change the PCB, rollers and gears by just removing the lid. This RT8000 Tape Dispenser accepts the following tapes: Acetate/Glass Cloth, Double-Sided Tape, Normex, Filament, Kapton, Electrical, 3M, Pre-Stick, Cellophane, Craft Tape and many more. The RT8000 Tape Dispenser also accepts the following non-adhesive materials: Protection Film, Aluminium/Copper Foil, Tubing, Plastic Band, Magic Tape, Ribbon, Paper Tape, Insulation Film and many more.

  2. Technical Data

    RT8000 Electronic Tape Dispenser (12 Sequential Lengths) Technical Data:
    Cutting Width: 6-60mm
    Cutting Length: 5-999mm
    Feeding Speed: 200mm/sec
    Tape Roll Diameter: Max 300mm O.D.
    Power Requirement: AC100-240V
    Dimensions: 116 x 140 x 213mm
    Weight: 2.5Kgs

    Product Order Code:

    MC4303 – RT8000 Electric Tape Dispenser (12 Sequential Lengths)

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