KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine (Short Strip Lengths)

The KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip (Short Strip Lengths) Machine is capable of processing up to approx 7.5mm OD with stripping lengths up to 35mm on each end.

  1. General Details

    KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine:

    Introducing the brand new KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine. This new machine offers a wide production range. This new Cut & Strip Machine can process wire in the range of 7-30AWG (0.1-10mm²) with stripping lengths up to 35mm on the leading end and 35mm on trailing end of the wire. This Automatic Cut & Strip Machine can also be modified by replacing the Blades and Guiding Tubes to suit Ribbon Cable.

    This Cut and Strip Machine is easy to program via menu driven software and an LCD display and is fast to setup with no change of tooling required other than the guide tube. Up to 99 different cutting and stripping programs can be stored making this machine suitable for a very wide range of applications. It offers a high level of accuracy +/- 0.002 x length and is fast, able to cut and strip up to 8000pcs/hour. This machine also features a middle strip capability.

    This new range of Cut & Strip Machines can also be used with the optional extra of a conveyor belt which is recommended to be purchase if the cable length is over 0.5 meters in length. The conveyor belt will be required to be purchased with the machine and cannot be added to the machine at a later date if required as each machine will have to be set up by the manufacturer to work alongside the Conveyor Belt. The overall length of the conveyor belt is 1.4 meters.

  2. Technical Data

    KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine Technical Data:
    Available Wire Size: 0.1-10mm² (7-30 AWG)
    Max Cable Size: Approx 7.5mm O.D.
    Cutting Length: 0.1-100000mm
    Stripping Lengths: Leading & Trailing End: 0-35mm
    Memory Function: Up to 100 Programs
    Cutting & Stripping Accuracy: 0.002mm x Length
    Production/Speed: 5000-8000pcs/hour
    Drive Mode: 4 Wheel Drive
    Display: LCD Display
    Blade Material: Hard Tungsten Steel
    Power Rating: 430W
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)
    Weight: 30Kgs
    Dimensions: 400 x 410 x 280mm
    Machine Warranty: 12 Months

    Product Order Code:
    MCKS-W606 – KS-W606 Automatic Cut & Strip Machine

  3. Product Video

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