D2/D10 Manual Multicore Wire Stripper

The D2/D10 Outer Jacket & Inner Core Cable Stripping Machine is capable of processing up to approx 11mm O.D Cables and a max stripping length of 165mm.

  1. General Details

    D2/D10 Manual Multicore Wire Stripper:

    A quick and simple solution to multi-core wire stripping suitable for production wire stripping. By a single pull on the handle, precision die blades strip off the outer insulation and secondary blades strip the inner conductors to preset dimensions. The D2 Wire Stripper is effective with PVC, Neoprene, Rubber and comparable insulations. 

    In April 2015 there was a new D2 Multicore Wire Stripper Machine which has a larger blade set to accommodate up to 15mm outer diameter due to the opening of the blades. The maximum core diameter is 9.5mm. For core stripping, the adjustable inner blade will only open to a maximum of 3.5mm O.D. On the 4 position blade sets you will be able to have a combination of sizes on the blade set up to and including 9.5mm O.D (example: 4mm, 7mm, 8.5mm & 9.5mm O.D. stripping holes). For sizes above 9.5mm you would need to order either a one or two sided blade set to maintain structural strength.

    D2 Manual Outer Jacket and Inner Conductor Stripping Machine – Simple Set Up & Operation:

    The outer jacket is stripped by selecting the nearesr size of outer jacket die blades from the four position die blade set and setting the rear length stop to the correct strip length. The outer jacket blade holder is adjustable for cable diameter variations.As the outer jacket is stripped, the inner conductors are drawn through a set of pinch rollers which hold them in position for stripping by a set of flat blades in the secondary stripping operation. These blades are also adjustable for conductor diameter and are set to operate at the required position by adjustment of a cam operating lever. Once set, the cable can just be laid into the unit and with a single pull of the handle, the outer jacket and inner conductors are stripped with a cycle time of a few seconds.

    The 3 stages of the wire stripping process can be seen in the photos attached.

    Special blades for flat, oval and non-standard conductors are also available. By simply disabling the secondary stripping function the D2 can be used as an outer jacket stripper only.

  2. Technical Data

    D2 Multicore Cable Stripper Technical Data:
    Max Cable Size: Approx 11mm O.D.
    Maximum Outer Jacket Strip: 165mm (Longer strip if no inner strip is required)
    Dimensions: 380 x 275 x 120mm
    Weight: 4.25Kgs
    Warranty: 12 Months

    Product Order Code:

    MC3000-N – D2/D10 Outer Jacket & Inner Core Stripping Machine

  3. Product Video

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