When this crisis began to impact the UK we put together our crisis management procedures for COVID-19 and this has been across all areas of our operations. Our first priority has been to ensure the safety of our staff and with this in mind we have implemented new procedures throughout our facility to ensure appropriate measures to prevent any risk. These have included some social distancing, strict measures on hand hygiene and no longer allowing areas to be shared between workers in close proximity. We will continue to monitor procedures with all on-site staff to make sure the team are healthy and safe at work. We are also staggering staff working to minimise the amount of staff at our facility at any one time in order that staff can work at a safe distance and without risk. Due to this, service may be a little slower than usual but we will continue to provide the best experience we can to all our customers.

From Wednesday 18th March, we are suspending customer visits for demonstrations, we are still very happy to accept your samples and we can provide video demonstrations of equipment as an alternative and we feel that at present, this will be the safer option for both staff and customers and we hope this will not prove too much of an inconvenience.  

Our suppliers worldwide will continue to work with us throughout this difficult period as will our courier services. We have the capacity for our sales and admin staff to work from home so we can guarantee that we can continue to deal with all of your enquiries and our warehouse and despatch operations will continue to work on site taking the extra precautions outlined above.  

Our Machine Shop operation will also continue, again, working hours are staggered in order for staff to be able to maintain distancing measures and extra hygiene measures are being implemented in line with Government advice.     

We are optimistic that these precautions will ensure a continuous service.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Caroline Lander
General Manager  

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