Kingsing Crimping Applicators

The Kingsing range of crimping applicators are all manufactured to suit the customers crimp terminals and are not available off the shelf. These Crimp Applicators are only suitable for the Kingsing Range of Cut, Strip & Crimping Machines, Strip & Crimp Machines and the Terminal Crimping Machines. Please contact us for more information.

KS-CM30U Crimp Applicator for Wire Splice Terminals
This Terminal Crimping Applicator is especially designed for processing reeled wire splice terminals.
KS-CP30R Pneumatic End Feed Terminal Crimp Applicator
This Crimp Applicator with Pneumatic Feed System has been developed especially for processing terminals linked end-to-end rolled over a reel.
KS-CP30S Pneumatic Side Feed Terminal Crimp Applicator
This terminal crimp applicator is the ideal solution for crimping Pre-Insulated Ferrules and Panduit Reel Smart Terminals.
KS-KP40R Pneumatic Crimping Applicator for End Feed Terminals
This terminal crimping applicator is designed for processing straight feeding reeled terminals, when installed in press machine they provide the most efficient method of applying chain terminals to a pre-stripped wire.
KS-KP40S Pneumatic Crimping Applicator for Side Feed Terminals
This crimp applicator is suitable for use on automatic wire processing systems as well as on bench-top presses for side feed terminals with either metal, plastic or mylar tape carrier strips.
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