Isolex Hand Held Enamel Stripper

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The Isolex Enamel Wire Stripper Range are capable of processing between 0.2mm and 4mm O.D Enamel Wires.

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The Isolex is an electrically driven stripping machine with manual operation for varnished wires. It consists of a motor unit and a knife head. The knife head is equipped with 3 hard metal knives. The knives are closed by rotation (centrifugal force). Two version of the Isolex Enamel Wire Strippers are available. The type 02 which will process wire from 0.2mm to 1.5mm O.D and the type 03 which will process wire from 0.3mm to 4.0mm O.D. The speed is regulated via a controller and thus the pressing force of the knives is adjusted for every individual material thickness. The cable has to be inserted between the non-operating knives – switch on the Isolex Enamel Wire Stripper (using the red thumb button) then draw out the stripped wire. Full service and spare parts are available for this unit from Series 4.

Isolex Enamel Wire Strippers Technical Data:
Dimensions: 29 x 210mm
Weight: 688g (Handpiece inc cord)
Voltage: 220V (110V available on request)
Warranty: 12 Months


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