WT-588 Square Lead Free Titanium Solder Pot

WT-588 Square Titanium Solder Pot:

Introducing the New WT-588 Lead Free Solder Pot. The WT-588 Lead Free Solder Pot is configurated with a high powered exothermic core. This WT-588 Solder Pot will reach 450°C from room temperature within 25 minutes.

The microcomputer chips intelligent control is adopted with:
Dual Digital Display
Visual & Clear Display
High Heat Sensitivity
Rapid Return Temperature
Quick Temperature Compensation
High Precision Temperature Control

WT-588 Titanium Lead Free Solder Pot Technical Data:
Rated Power: 300W
Temperature Range: 0-600°C
Melting Capacity: 1.32Kgs
External Dimensions: 266 x 145 x 115mm
Solder Bath/Crucible Size: 55 x 55 x 45mm
Product Order Code: MCWR-POT-WT588 - WT-588 Titanium Lead Free Solder Pot

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