WDT/Z&F Style Blades, Spare & Consumables

WDT/Z&F Style Cutting and Stripping Blades, Spare & Consumables:

All of the Blades, Consumables and Spare Parts are either manufactured in house by Series 4 or other manufacturers contracted by Series 4 - These are not WDT/Z&F original blades or spare parts. Various other parts are also available and will be added to the list in the future. Please contact us if you require parts that are not on the list.

Series 4
Part No
(Ex Vat)
BLD-WDT/8201 AVG-0160 M9 Tool Steel - Sold as each - 2 required for a set £22.26
BLD-Z&F-AI01 AI01 M9 Tool Steel with Titanium Nitrate Coating
Sold as each - 2 required for a set

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