TP/TC4 Loose Radial Component Cutting Machine

TP/TC4 Loose Radial Component Cutting Machine:

The model TP/TC4 is designed for cutting loose and taped radial components. A speed control knob adjusts the feeding speed. The manual component feed is quick and easy. Two belts hold the leads and feed them through rotary blades which cut without burring and without damage to the components. The cutting height can be adjusted by turning an allen screw located on the right front guide. For operator safety a micro switch stops the electrical supply when the front guide is removed from the machine. The BR3 Reel Holder can be attached to the machine very quickly.

Machine specifications for the entire range of Component Cutting Machines can be found in the PDF Document.

Unit shown with optional extra BR3 Reel Holder


TP/TC4 Motorised Radial Component Cutter Technical Data:
Dimensions: 200 x 470 x 470mm
Machine Weight: 11Kgs
Shipping Weight: 12Kgs
Voltage: 220V (110V available on request)
Product Order Code: MOL74.OL22 - TP/TC4 Motorised Radial Component Cutter

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