TP/SC4 Loose Radial Component Cutting & Forming Machine

TP/SC4 Loose Radial Component Cut & Form Machine:

The model TP/SC4 is a very flexible pneumatic machine designed for cutting and forming loose radial components. Any of the available forms can be used with the standard version with two cylinders (MOL16.0000). The model with three cylinders (MOL16.0020) is required to form power transistors, to spread out and form the outer leads and spread the central one. The simplicity of operation and the large range of forms make this one the most reliable machines available on the market. A foot pedal controls the stroke of the lateral dies, that pushing the leads against the stationary die, preform a precise and fast cut and form. It is very easy to change the complete die assembly and/or the inner die when a different pitch is needed. Each set preforming tooling is supplied with all standard pitches. It is possible to obtain different pitches and special forms by supplying Series 4 with drawings and specifications.

Machine specifications for the entire range of Component Forming Machines can be found in the PDF Document.

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