TP/LN100 Loose Radial Pneumatic Component Cutter

TP/LN100 Loose Radial Component Former:

The pneumatic machine TP/LN-100 is used for cutting the leads of loose radial components. It was designed to adapt to a very wide range of radial parts. The upper stationary plate determines the cutting height; the standard is 3.2mm. Additional plates to increase the height can be supplied upon request starting from 0.5mm. The pneumatic foot pedal performs a quick cut of the leads, without any stress to the components. Plates with a special grid pattern can be provided upon request. The unit lateral cuts most common pitches to allow easy handling of warped leads. Note: Minimum plate thickness 2.4mm (smaller by selective milling on the top plate).

Machine specifications for the entire range of Component Cutting Machines can be found in the PDF Document.

TP/LN100 Pneumatic Radial Component Cutting Machine Technical Data:
Product Order Code: MOL36.0001 - TP/LN100 Radial Component Cutting Machine

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