TP6/PR-B Heavy Duty Axial Component Former

TP6/PR-B Heavy Duty Axial Component Former:

The TP6/PR-B Axial Component Former handles components with a lead diameter from 1 to 1.3mm (.039 to .051). The standard unit is hand operated but can be enhanced with the following accessories. The CS10 loose component feeder to handle loose parts. The motor drive unit MOT98 with optional foot pedal. The unit has an adjustable speed control and can be used with loose or taped components. When working with components on tape we suggest using the BR6 Reel Holder. Adjustment is a quick and easy process with the tools provided. This is a high quality machine using long life cutting discs. The only maintenance required is to clean the cutting discs. With the TP6/PR-B it is possible to cut or cut & bend only without the preform.

Machine specifications for the entire range of Component Forming Machines can be found in the PDF Document.

BR6 Reel Holder, Loose Feed Kit, Motor Kit, Tape Ejector.

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