Thermal Fuses

Thermal Fuses:

AUPO thermal cut-off series “A” fuses are nonresetting, thermal sensitive devices are designed to provide temperature protection with 4 separate temperature ratings. Each fuse incorporates a fusing system which is enclosed and sealed with an epoxy resin to provide mechanical, electrical, corrosion, humidity and ageing protection. Typical uses requiring temperature protection are: Coil Winding Products: Power Supplies, Transformers, Adaptors, etc. Telecom Devices: Phone Systems, Fax Machines & Modems.

Audio Visual Equipment: TV’s, Cameras, Projectors, CD Players. Home Appliances: Washing Machines, Dryers, Humidifiers, etc. Office Equipment: Computers, Copiers, Printers, etc. Rating: 102°C, 115°C, 120°C, 130°C. 2AMP, 250 VAC.

No. Tf (C) Fusing-off Temp. (°C) Tc (°C) Tm (°C) In (A) Un (Vac) UL TUV CUL VDE CSA
A1 102 98 +/-2 76 180 2 250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A2 115 110 +/-2 85 180 2 250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A3 125 120 +/-2 97 180 2 250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A4 130 120 +/-2 102 180 2 250 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

UL & CUL No: E140847
TUV No: R9353553
CSA No: LR 83752-2
VDE No: 93904
We would be happy to quote for other values by request.

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