*New* Telescopic Linear Torque Arms

Telescopic Linear Torque Arm Range:

The Telescopic Linear Torque Arm is ideal for using on the assembly line where space is at a premium and necessary for operator safety. The Linear Torque Arm collapses like a telescope and provides smooth operation and movement.

Eliminates torque reaction and removes weight of assembly tool from operators arm and back.
Easy to install on the workbench, wall, trolley or production line.
Can be used with both Air or Electric Screwdrivers.
Best if used with a spring balancer.
The arm collapses like a telescope providing smooth tool placement.
Attachment clamp is free to move 360 degrees.
Standard tool balancer should be used to hang the tool while using this linear torque arm.
Max torque capacity is 50Nm.
Max reach is 120cm, minimum reach is 43cm.

Max Torque
Telescoping Length
Max-Min (cm)
Clamp Dia
TA-T050-100 50 43-100 38.5-52 33.3
TA-T050-120 50 50-120 38.5-52 34.2
TA-T050S-100 50 43-100 38.5-52 23.7
TA-T050S-120 50 50-120 38.5-52 24.6
TA-T050W-100 50 43-100 38.5-52 18.1
TA-T050W-120 50 50-120 38.5-52 19.0
TA-T050C-100 50 43-100 38.5-52 19.5
TA-T050C-120 50 50-120 38.5-52 20.3
Applicable Screwdriver Models: BN412-BN7120, BAN960-BAN9500, BD412-BD650,
BTN960-BTN9180, ED617-ED645, ES618-ES645

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