Sumake ESD Brushed Electric Screwdriver



Sumake Brushed Electric Screwdriver

High performance DC motor design for increased durability and flexibility. This is a brand new Sumake Electric Screwdriver range featuring a new DC motor. The benefits of this not motor design are to improve durability and offer a wider range of torque and r.p.m – this is due to the high quality extra strong magnet, low electric current and stable rotation. This is a low voltage, auto shut-off driver with a power supply especially designed for long use and with a high/low speed setting. Externally replaceable brushes offer greater ease of maintenance and high durability. This is a highly stable screwdriver, not influenced by fluctuations in voltage and with a precise torque control, externally adjusted. It has a cushioned grip for exceptional manoeuverability and operator comfort. We are shortly introducing a further heavy duty pistol grip version capable of torque up to 153 kgf-cm (15Nm).

This Electric Screwdriver range has now been discontinued by Series 4, the quantities listed are the remaining stock we have available.

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