*Best Seller* Lever Start Budget Electric Screwdriver

Lever Start External Brush Electric Screwdriver Range. Models available with Torque Ranging between 0.02Nm and 4.41Nm.

Lever/Trigger Start Standard Ext Brush Electric Screwdriver:

If you have one of the Old Style 2000-9000 Series Sumake Electric Screwdrivers, these have now been discontinued. Please visit this link for the replacement models available in both Ext Brush or Brushless Models.

High performance DC motor design for increased durability and flexibility. This is a brand new Sumake Electric Screwdriver range featuring a new DC motor. The benefits of this not motor design are to improve durability and offer a wider range of torque and r.p.m – this is due to the high quality extra strong magnet, low electric current and stable rotation. This is a low voltage, auto shut-off driver with a power supply especially designed for long use and with a high/low speed setting. Externally replaceable brushes offer greater ease of maintenance and high durability. This is a highly stable screwdriver, not influenced by fluctuations in voltage and with a precise torque control, externally adjusted. It has a cushioned grip for exceptional maneuverability and operator comfort. ESD models are available throughout the range. We are shortly introducing a further heavy duty pistol grip version capable of torque up to 153 kgf-cm (15Nm).

An optional power supply unit is also available with screw counting function. This power supply has to be ordered with a 7 pin Electric Screwdriver. Contact us for more information.

Torque Range
Machine Screw
Bit Size
203L0.02-0.341000/7001.0-2.3DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
207L0.05-0.691000/7001.4-2.6DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
210L0.10-0.98700/5001.6-3.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
408LH0.10-0.7820001.6-3.0DC32VB Hex 6.35mm
412L0.10-1.181000/7001.6-3.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
416L0.29-1.571000/7002.3-3.5DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
610LH0.20-0.9820002.0-3.0DC32VB Hex 6.35mm
618L0.49-1.771000/7002.0-3.5DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
624L0.69-2.35750/5202.6-4.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
630L0.78-2.94530/3503.0-5.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
712LH0.49-1.1820002.3-3.5DC32VB Hex 6.35mm
722L0.59-2.161000/7002.6-4.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
730L0.98-2.94750/5203.0-5.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm
730LH0.98-2.9410003.0-5.0DC32VB Hex 6.35mm
745L1.47-4.41530/3504.0-6.0DC24/32VB Hex 6.35mm

(TFR = Torque Fixing Ring)

ImageAccessory TypeApplicable ModelsAccessory Part NoLever/Push Start
90 Degree Attachment Head618L, 624L, 630L,
722L, 730L, 745L
EAA-AH1Lever Start Only
90 Degree Attachment Head412L, 416LEAA-AH2Lever Start Only
Suspension Holster610-645 (With TFR)
712-745 (With TFR)
EAA-HD1Lever & Push Start
Suspension Holster610-630
408-416 (With TFR)
EAA-HD2Lever & Push Start
Suspension Holster203-210 (With TFR)
EAA-HD3Lever & Push Start
Suspension Holster203-416EAA-HD4Lever & Push Start
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring712-748EAA-TL1Lever & Push Start
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring (ESD Models)712/E-748/EEAA-TL1/ELever & Push Start
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring610-630EAA-TL2Lever & Push Start
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring (ESD Models)610/E-630/EEAA-TL2/ELever & Push Start
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring203L-210LEAA-TL4Lever Start Only
Torque Locking/Fixing Ring (ESD Models)203L/E-210L/EEAA-TL4/ELever Start Only
Screwdriver to PSU
Connector Lead
(6 Pin Configuration -
5 around the outside
and 1 in the middle)
203-745EPAA50001NLever & Push Start

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