ST10B Digital Torque Cap Meter

ST10B Digital Torque Cap Meter:

The ST Series Cap Torque Tester is metro logical instrument designed specifically for testing the opening and closure on bottles, jars, bulbs and more. It is compact, easy to use and fully rechargeable for portable use.

The instrument is designed for detecting and calibrating the power of open and close torque control for relative torsion torque testing and torsion fracture parts testing. This offers a high accuracy and easy to operate solution for this type of application. The ST-10B has an RS232 port connector, auto shut-off and will measure a torque range of 0.005~10Nm (0.05~102 with an accuracy of +/-0.5%. It comes supplied in a functional tool box complete with clamps, software, adjusting spanner, manual and calibration certificate.

Main Characteristics:
High accuracy and high resolution.
Adjustable upper and lower limit setting and optional alarm function.
Memory function - auto calculate the average value.
Measures in Nm, Kgf-cm and Lbf-in.
Peak hold function.
Printing function.

ST10B Digital Torque Tester for Caps and Bottle Tops Technical Data:
Accuracy: Within +/- 0.5% (F.S)
Power Supply: 1200mAh, 5 x 1.2V Battery
Recharge Time: Within 8 Hours
Working Time: 30 Hours
Battery Life: 300 Recharges
Dimensions: 123 x 230 x 65mm
Diameter: 15-200mm
Special Charger: (Input): AC220V, (Output): DC 7.25V, 120mA (110V Available on request)
Product Order Code: MCSUN-ST-10B - ST10B Digital Cap Torque Tester

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