*Discontinued* SP5075 Lead Free Solder Pot

SP5075 Lead Free Solder Pot:

The new Lead Free Solder Pot. Solid litter plates are supplied with the pot and these attach easily to the body.

The solder pot features a cast iron crucible and have a digital temperature display and easy touch button controls. The required temperature is achieved quickly and maintained by the digital control, ensuring a constant operating temperature. The Solder Pot has a neat and compact body and easily accessible power switch. All parts can be replaced easily and quickly.

SP5075 Lead Free Solder Pot Technical Data:
Power: 220V
Temperature Range: 200-450°C
Crucible Size: 50 x 50 x 43.5mm
Solder Capacity: 1Kg
Weight: 1.7Kgs
Dimensions of Body: 143 x 100 x 220mm

Common Spare Part:
EUR-SP5075-1 – SP5075 Element Set

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