Socket Head Screwdriver Bits

Socket Screwdriver Bits: 

We hold stock on the most common screwdriver bits however other sizes are available on request. Any screwdriver bits that we do not hold in stock will incur a lead time.


Socket Screwdriver Bits

Part Number W x T x L
SUSN1001555F3 10mm *16*15*55
SUSN1101565F3 11.0mm
SUSN1301555F3 13mm *19*15*55
SUSN1403065F3 14mm x 14 x 65mm
SUSN501555F3 5mm x 9 x 15 x 55mm
SUSN551555F3 5.5mm x 9 x 15 x 55mm
SUSN602565F3 6.0mm x 10 x 25 x 65mm
SUSN791265F3 5/16"
SUSN801555F3 8.0mm x 13 x 15 x 55mm
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