SH2~500 Series Push/Pull Force Gauges

SH2-500 Series Push/Pull Force Gauges:

The SH Series Push Pull Gauge offers a new efficient generation of push pull testing for using in conjunction with our SLK, SLR and SJV-5K range of Test Stands. This digital gauge has a high resolution and accuracy making it suitable for a wide selection of testing applications, ranging from simple tension/compression force testing, to switch testing, connector insertion/withdraw testing and fracture testing.

Features include:
High accuracy - (+/-0.5%), High resolution - the smaller capacity gauges are capable of displaying a minimum load of 0.001N (1/5000 resolution).
Peak hold - hold the peak value in test, Peak hold and automatic reset (after selected time between 1-10 seconds resets to zero).
Auto power off - after set time, Comparative function, Calculation of the average value.
Display of force in 3 units - lbf, kgf, N - by push button selection, RS-232 port to printer.

The SH Series Push Pull Force Gauge is supplied in a carrying case (please see product photos) with a variety of adaptors for common test applications (5 measuring tips are supplied in total) and an extension shaft. The kit also includes an AC Adaptor, Fixing Screws, User Instructions, Calibration Certificate and CD with comprehensive user manual and software for data transfer. The SH2 - SH500 Gauge (Pictured Left) features an internal sensor and is available in capacities from 2N up to 500N. The SH Gauge is also available in larger capacities and this features a remote sensor making it suitable for very large testing applications up to a maximum force of 1000KN.

SH2~500 Digital Force Gauge Specifications:

Model No Capacity (N) Min Load Error
SH2 2N 0.001N -
SH5 5N 0.001N -
SH10 10N 0.005N -
SH20 20N 0.01N +/- 0.5%
SH50 50N 0.01N -
SH100 100N 0.05N -
SH200 200N 0.1N -
SH500 500N 0.1N -

SH Range of Digital Force Gauges Technical Data:
Dimensions: 65 x 220 x 35mm
Maximum Load: 500 Newtons
Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Weight: 625g
Units of Measurement: Lbf, Kgf & N
Product Order Code: MCSUN-H-SH-10/20/50/100/200 - SH Digital Force Gauges

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