*Discontinued* Second User Schleuniger US2015 Wire Stripping Machine

Please note: This datasheet if for reference purposes only.

The Schleuniger US2015 is a Pneumatic table-top wire stripping machine which offers efficiency and precise stripping wire ends. All parameters such as strip length, partial strip length and conductor diameter can be easily selected by means of graduated dials. The machine can process conductor cross sections over a range from 0.03mm² to 2.08mm² (32-14AWG), Maximum outer diameter of 3.2mm. Strip lengths can be varieed from 1.5 to 20mm (approx 0.06″ to 0.787″).

A new model is also available, please contact us for details.

Schleuniger US2015 Pneumatic Wire Stripper Technical Data:
Conductor Cross Section: 0.03-2.08mm² (32-14AWG)
Max Outer Diameter: 3.2mm
Max Strip Length: 20mm
Production: Up to 3600pcs Per Hour
Mechanical Cycle: 0.3 Seconds
Air Supply: Compressed air, dry un-oiled, 4-6Bar
Noise Level: < 75dB Weight: 2Kgs Dimensions: 265 x 70 x 135mm

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