Second User Schleuniger CO257/MP257 Coax Stripping Machine

£2000-3000 + VAT & Shipping

The Schleuniger MP257 Coax Cable Stripping Machine is capable of processing up to 7mm O.D Coax Cable with a maximum strip length of 25mm.

Second User Schleuniger MP257 Coax Stripping Machine:

The Schleuniger MP257 Cable Stripping Machine is an electric model capable of precision stripping coaxial cables in one multi-step operation. The integrated microprocessor control permits the independent programming of all parameters such as cable diameter, strip length, partial-strip length etc. Programming the individual stripping steps is a simple matter: Apart from the optional parameters, you simply enter for each step the desired strip length and diameter. To prevent the rotating blades from touching and nicking individual layers of the cable structure (Shield, Dielectric, Inner Conductor) during the stripping process, a blade way-back can be programmed in a manner that the blades open up slightly before the insulation is stripped off.

We also have the Schleuniger CO257 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine available, please contact us for details.

Schleuniger MP257 Coax Cable Stripper Technical Data:
Max Stripping Length: 25mm
Max Wire Diameter: 7mm
Production/Speed: 300-500pcs Per Hour (3 Stage)
Machine Cycle Rate: 3 Stage = 5-7 Seconds (depending on additional functions)
Noise Level: Approx 62dB
Stripping Stages: Max 9 Stripping Stages in One Cycle
Memory Capacity: 99 Different cables each with 9 stripping stages
Input Voltage: 110/115/230V (Adjustable), 50/60Hz, +/- 10%
Machine Weight: 8.6Kgs
Dimensions: 410 x 167 x 173mm

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