Second User Ideal 45-064F & 45-065 Outer Jacket Strippers

The Ideal 45-064F Outer Jacket Stripper is capable of processing 12.5mm O.D.

Second User Ideal 45-064F Outer Jacket Stripper:

The Ideal Outer Jacket Strippers are suitable for low-volume processing of large wire and cable. With a large selection of blades available, you can cut insulation and remove slugs with minimal force. The long lever arm swings two knife-type blades, cutting insulation and removing slug with minimal force. Round blades will strip down to finest wire provided sufficient insulation thickness. Strips multiple wires of same gauge with one stroke using parallel flat blades. Strips rubber, plastic (including PCV and polyethylene, fiberglass and fabric insulations. Large selection of blades available.

Ideal 45-064F Outer Jacket Cable Stripper Technical Data:
Max Cable Size: 12.5mm O.D. (0.50″)
Strip Length: 63mm (Longer lengths achieved by cycling the cable)
Dimensions: 279 x 178 x 127mm
Weight: 7.3Kgs

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