Second User Carpenter Model 48 Pneumatic Ribbon Cable Stripper

Second User Carpenter Model 48 Pneumatic Ribbon Cable Stripper:

The model 48 Pneumatic Flat/Ribbon Cable Stripper is designed exclusively for neatly stripping many types of insulations such as polyester, polyethylene, PVC, silicon, rubber and teflon. The model 48 Ribbon/Flat Cable Stripping Machine offers full or partial strip capabilities and provide a clean, square, nick-free stripping. The pneumatic operation of the model 48 Ribbon/Flat ribbon cable stripper, will strip accurately in just 2 seconds. No tooling is required for different sized Ribbon/Flat Cable, just adjusting the wire guides and lengths stop. This machine comes supplied with a set of hardened tool steel stripping blades.


Model 48 Air Operated Ribbon/Flat Cable Stripper Technical Data:
Max Cable Width: Up to 76mm Wide
Max Strip Length: 25.4mm (1")
Min Cable Length: 50.8mm (2")
Required Air Pressure: 70 PSI Clean Dry Air with No Lubricant
Dimensions: 250 x 330 x 330mm
Weight: 12.27Kgs

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