*Discontinued* RT5000 Electric Tape Dispenser

RT5000 Electric Tape Dispenser:

Unfortunately the RT5000 Tape Dispenser is no longer available and has been replaced by the RT7000, this datasheet is for reference only. 

Please note: We will no longer be able to purchase new spare parts for the RT5000 Tape Dispensers after November 2017. Please contact us if you require any spare parts. We still have a wide range of spares in stock.

The RT-5000 is an electronic tape dispenser. It accepts tape widths of up to 5mm to 50.0mm wide. Built in counter allows for either dispensing a set number of strips of material or to keep up with the number of pieces dispensed by the operator.

Dispensing non-adhesive material without an operator is possible. It cuts lengths from 5 to 999mm. Unit includes built in “pull-out” extra support bracket for large case sealer rolls of tape. Suitable materials that this unit can cut are Cellophane tape, masking tape, wool tape, pp tape, double-faced tape, tube, ribbon, insulation paper, pressure sensitive tape, small equipment wire etc. If in doubt please send samples of your material for testing at our works.

RT5000 Electric Tape Dispenser Technical Data:
Dimensions: 115 x 215 x 130mm
Weight: 3Kgs (Gross: 3.5Kgs)
Power Input: 220V, 50/60Hz, 25W

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