*Discontinued* RT3000 Electric Carousel Tape Dispenser

RT3000 Carousel Tape Dispenser:

The RT-3000 Tape Dispenser has now been discontinued and replaced by the RT-3700 Electric Carousel Tape Dispenser. Spare parts and consumables are still available for the RT-3000.

The RT-3000 Tape Dispenser is an electronic rotary type tape dispenser. It accepts tape widths of 5mm to 25.0mm wide, lengths of tape are dispensed on the carousel at the pre-programmed length ready to be easily lifted off by the operator.

Lengths from 20-60mm can be cut. An extra machine leg can be extended for supporting the machine when processing thick or heavy tapes and this prevents the unit from falling back. Suitable materials that this unit can cut are cellophane tape, masking tape, wool tape, pp tape, double-faced tape, cotton cloth tape and more.

If in doubt please send samples of your material for testing at our works. Blades are easily replaced and all types of tape can be quickly loaded.

RT3000 Carousel Tape Dispenser Technical Data:
Dimensions: 130 x 260 x 145mm
Weight: 2.2Kgs
Power Input: 220V, 50/60Hz, 25W

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