Old Sumake 2000-9000 Series Screwdriver Torque Arms

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2000-9000 Series Screwdriver Torque Arms:

Please see the product photos attached for the models available in the Sumake 2000-9000 Series Screwdriver Torque Arm range.

The Torque Arms allow for universal motion from side to side and front to back. The two pieced hinged forearm allows more freedom of movement in the assembly process. Telescoping reach from the end of the forearm allows easy adjustment in one inch increments up to six inches. This tool has an anodized aluminium finish and has no metal-to-metal joints to create particle count. The resistance can be set to suit the individual operator and significally reduces operator fatigue. The torque arms assist with consistency and accuracy when carrying out repetitive assembly tasks and has a durable heavy duty construction. It is suitable for both Pneumatic and Electric Screwdrivers.

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