*NEW* WT-901S Automatic SMD Component Counter

WT-901S Automatic SMD Component Counter:

Introducing the BRAND NEW WT-901S Automatic SMD Component Counter offered for less than 1000.00 GBP!!

This excellent new Automatic SMD Component Counter is a fully automatic way to count SMD components with high precision. This unit is easy to operate, has the unique pocket falling-proof design which minimizes damage to the SMD carrier. This component counter accepts all kinds of SMD reels and can also count in both forwards & backwards direction with double check function.

WT-901S Automatic SMD Component Counter Technical Data:
Counting Scope: -99999 to 99999pcs
Power Source: AC110-220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 350 x 774 x 184mm
Weight: 10Kgs
Product Order Code: MCWR-WT901S - WT901S Automatic SMD Component Counting Machine

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