*New* KS-W336 Pneumatic Wire Stripper

KS-W336 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine:

Introducing the New KS-W336 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine is suitable for processing single conductors and inner conductors from multi-core cables. The KS-W336 wire stripper is the perfect solution for stripping discrete wire and small conductors up to 3.2mm O.D (0.12"). This compact machine will strip up to 20mm (0.78"). The KS-W336 Air Operated Stripping Machine can also be set up for full stripping or half/partial pull off stripping.

Available Wire Types: Discrete Wire, Solid Wire, Stranded Wire, Single Conductor Cable, Wire, Cable, Rubber, PUR, PVC, Teflon, Tefzel etc.

KS-W336 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine Technical Data:
Min/Max Wire Size: 0.03-2.08mm² (32-14 AWG)
Max Cable Size: 3.2mm O.D. (0.12")
Strip Length Increments (Full Strip): 0.5mm (0.019")
Strip Length Increments (Partial Pull Off): 2mm (0.078")
Precision of Diameter Setting: 0.01mm (0.001")
Stripping Lengths: 1-20mm
Required Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8Pa
Dimensions: 265 x 70 x 135mm
Net Weight: 2Kgs
Gross Weight: 2.4Kgs
Product Order Code: MCKS-W336 - KS-W336 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine

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