KS-T523 30T Terminal Crimping Machine

The KS-T523 Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine is capable of processing up to 250mm² Wire Sizes with a Crimping Force of 30T.


KS-T523 30T Terminal Crimping Machine:

Introducing the brand new KS-T523 30T Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine which is designed for crimping large gauge wires up to 250mm². Changing the Crimping Die Set on this Terminal Crimper is convenient and quick, various crimping shapes can be manufactured to suit customers requirements.

The KS-T523 Terminal Crimping Machine does not require an additional hydraulic station, this machine also has a pressure-holding function during crimping and a large crimping force of 30T.

KS-T523 30T Terminal Crimping Machine Technical Data:
Available Wire Gauge: 10-250mm² (Smaller Crimp Sizes can be customised on request)
Crimping Force: 30T
Crimping Stroke: 50mm (Adjustable)
Working Mode: Automatic, Manual, Step
Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz
Required Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Net Weight: 70Kgs
Dimensions: 260 x 700 x 650mm

Product Order Code:
MCKS-T523 – KS-T523 30T Terminal Crimping Machine

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