KS-C510 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

KS-C510 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine:

Introducing the new KS-C510 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine. This automatic tube cutting machine is suitable for various kinds of plastic, corrugated and other PVC tubing. The model KS-C510 Tube Cutter is the stand alone cutting machine and this machine can also process up to 28mm diameter. These cutting machines are driven by high quality stepping motor which makes this machine fast and stable. This Tube Cutting Machine comes supplied with the user manual and 3 guide tubes manufactured to suit the customers tubing.

KS-C510 Tube Cutting Machine Technical Data:
Tubing Size: 4-28mm O.D.
Cutting Length: 0.1-9999.9mm
Speed/Production: 100pcs/min (Length = 100mm)
Cutting Tolerance: +/- 0.1mm
Power Rating: 500W
Power Supply: 220v/50Hz (110v/60Hz)
Weight: 71Kgs
Dimensions: 700 x 580 x 450mm
Product Order Code: MCKS-C510 - Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

Common Spare Parts:
MCKS-C520.1 - KS-C510/C520 Additional Guide Tube
MCKS-C520.2 - KS-C510/C520 Replacement Blade Set (10pcs)

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