*New* Sumake Brushless Lever Start Auto Shut-Off Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Sumake Brushless Lever Start Auto Shut-Off Cordless Electric Screwdriver:

Introducing the brand new Brushless Lever Start Cordless Electric Screwdrivers from Sumake Industrial Co. These new screwdrivers offer a high torque accuracy with 3% deviation of the torque to assure the best quality. The Brushless Cordless Screwdrivers offer a wide torque range with a longer life cycle of the brushless motor, these brushless motors are guaranteed for 2 years! All 3 of the Cordless Brushless Screwdrivers come supplied with 2 x Batteries, please note the charger is required to be purchased separately.


Dormancy Mode (Power Saving): Once the screwdriver is idle for over 3 seconds, it will turn into dormancy mode to save the energy and increase the standby time.
High & Low Speed Adjustment: For extended us application.
Brushless Motor: Innovative Brushless Motor Design eliminates carbon dust pollution which results in low maintenance.
External Torque Adjustment: Adjust torque rapidly from the external torque ring.
Indicating LED: The cordless battery has a built-in indicating light to indicate the fasten procedure during operation.
Forward & Reverse Adjustment Switch

Full specification can be found in the photos:

Free Speed
Torque Range
Bit Size
ES-BS1002A-25 10.8 1200/850 0.3-2.0 BP1025L x 2 B Hex 6.35mm
ES-BS1003A-25 10.8 1200/850 0.8-3.0 BP1025L x 2 B Hex 6.35mm
ES-BS1004A-25 10.8 700/500 1.5-4.5 BP1025L x 2 B Hex 6.35mm

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