KS-W70* Series of Semi-Automatic Cable Stripping Machine

The New KS-W70* Series of Cable Stripping Machines are capable of processing between 4mm and 45mm O.D cables with stripping lengths up to 300mm.

KS-W70* Series of Semi Automatic Rotary Cable Stripping Machine:

Introducing the New KS-W70* Series of Semi Automatic Rotary Cable Stripping Machines. These Rotary Cable Stripping Machines are designed to process a wide range of cable insulations up to 45mm Cable Outer Diameter. The operation of the machine is via the supplied foot pedal.

Model No:W701W702W703
Stripping Method:Rotary BladeRotary BladeRotary Blade
Control System:PLC & Touch ScreenPLC & Touch ScreenPLC & Touch Screen
Stripping Diameter:10-45mm O.D.10-20mm O.D.4-20mm O.D.
Stripping Length:0-300mm0-200mm0-120mm
Stripping Accuracy:0.1mm x Strip Length0.1mm x Strip Length0.1mm x Strip Length
Power Rating:200W200W200W
Air Supply:0.5-0.7Mp0.5-0.7Mp0.5-0.7Mp
Dimensions:1400 x 330 x 420mm1400 x 330 x 420mm1400 x 330 x 420mm
Product Order Code:MCKS-W701MCKS-W702MCKS-W703

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