*New* KS-W501 Rotary Wire Stripper and Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

The New KS-W501 Rotary Wire/Coax Cable Stripping Machine is capable of processing between 0.81mm and 7mm O.D wires and stripping lengths up to 48mm.

KS-W501 Rotary Wire Stripper & Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Introducing the New KS-W501 Rotary Coax Cable Stripper and Wire Stripping Machine. The KS-W501 Coax & Wire Stripper is a programmable multi step stripping machine for coax cables and a rotary wire stripper up to 7mm O.D. This machine will process wires with full stripping, half stripping, multi step stripping for coax cables and also a strip & twist function. No mechanical adjustments are required when changing wire sizes, this machine will strip up to 48mm.

KS-W501 Rotary Wire/Coax Stripper Technical Data:
Min Wire Size: 0.81mm O.D.
Max Wire Size: 7mm O.D.
Stripping Lengths: 0-48mm
Stripping Method: Rotary
Stripping Tolerance: 0.01mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)
Dimensions: 226 x 330 x 620mm
Weight: 28Kgs

Product Order Code:
MCKS-W501 – KS-W501 Rotary Wire/Coax Cable Stripping Machine

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