*New* KS-C102L Automatic Cut to Length Machine

The KS-C102L Cutting Machine is capable of processing a variety of materials within 10mm OD and also up to 200mm wide with cutting lengths up to 9999.9mm.

KS-C102L Automatic Cut to Length Machine:

Introducing the Brand New KS-C102L Automatic Cutting Machine. This new cutting machine is capable of processing materials within 10mm OD and also up to 200mm wide. Various types of materials can be cut on the KS-C102L Cut to Length Machine such as Velcro (Hook & Loop) Tape, Plastic Tubing, Bootlaces, Plastic Zippers, Electrical Wires, Labels, Steel/Braided Wire and more. With features of high speed, high accuracy and easy operation, this machine is an ideal machine for increasing efficiency, improving quality and saving on labour costs.

We are also happy to send customers materials to the manufacturer for testing. Any samples which are tested can also be videoed and would be sent to the customer for inspection. Contact us via email or phone if you are interested in this machine.

KS-C102L Automatic Cut to Length Machine Technical Data:
Cutting Motor Power: AC220V, 0.6A, 60W
Cutting Motor Speed: 1300Rpm
Cutting Length: 0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting Diameter: Within 10mm OD
Cutting Width: Up to 200mm Wide
Feeding Speed: 0-99
Number of Cutter: 0-9
Machine Weight: 70Kgs
Machine Warranty: 12 Months

Product Order Code:
MCKS-C102L – KS-C102L Automatic Cutting Machine

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