HS-301U Taped Axial Lead Former/Cutter

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HS-301U Taped Axial Component Lead Former/Cutter:

Please view the product photos above for the different models in the HS-301U Taped Axial Lead Former/Cutter Range.

Our lowest priced Component Lead Former and Cutter. The HS-301U Axial Lead Former and Cutting Machine offers outstanding value and is a compact and very solid design to easily form and cut any taped axial components.

With the HS-301U Axial Lead Forming and Cutting Machine it is possible to process up to 1000 pieces per minute on this efficient system and it has the advantage of easy maintenance and very simple adjustment and operation. The standard model is suitable for components with a lead diameter of 0.35-1.0mm diameter. A “slim” model is also available for smaller components and this is suitable for lead diameters 0.35-0.8mm. A bench clamp is supplied with the unit to fix it firmly to the work bench and prevent any movement during operation. An optional pitch gauge is also available.

To use the HS-301U Taped Axial Component Former and Cutter, the taped components are simply fed in to the plastic guide until the first components are placed in the slot in between the cutting wheels and the handle is then rotated clockwise. The components will be ejected and fall in to the parts bin supplied. All spares are available at very reasonable costs.

HS-301U Taped Axial Lead Former/Cutting Machine Technical Data:

Size 200mm x 180mm x 200mm
Machine Weight 7.3Kgs
Gross Weight 8.0Kgs
Product Order Code MCHOS-HS-301U – HS-301 Axial Lead Former and Cutter


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