Portable Enamel Wire Strippers (HP Range)

The HP Range of Enamel Wire Strippers are capable of processing between 0.15mm and 6mm O.D Enamel Wires with no maximum stripping lengths.

HP Range of Portable Enamel Wire Strippers:

Both the HP30 and HP35P Enamel Wire Strippers are hand held portable Enamel Stripping units. The HP30 Enamel/Magnet Stripper is specially designed for thinner round and flat wires.

The wire is pulled into the machine by the stripping brushes operating in opposite directions.

The HP35P Enamel/Magnet Stripper is more suited to thicker round or flat wires.

The brushes work in synchronization and therefore do not exert and pull on the wire.

Brush TypeWire SizeBrush TypeWire Size

HP30/HP35P Enamel Wire Stripping Machines Technical Data:
Brush Size: HP30 ~ 30mm, HP35P ~ 35mm
Weight: HP30 ~ 2.1Kgs, HP35P ~ 2.4Kgs
Voltage: 230V/50Hz (110V available on request)
Warranty: 12 Months

Product Order Code:
MC6400 – HP30 Enamel Wire Stripper
MC6401 – HP30 Enamel Wire Stripper 115V
MC6501 – HP35P Enamel Wire Stripper/Vacuum

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