End of Line FPF Push Start Oil Free Pneumatic Screwdrivers

The FPF Oil Free Push Start Series of Pneumatic Screwdrivers have now been discontinued. We do have a few models which are still available from stock.

End of Line FPF Oil Free Pneumatic Screwdrivers:

Please note: These Pneumatic Oil Free Screwdrivers will no longer be available once the quantity available have been sold. These Oil Free Range of Air Screwdrivers have now been replaced by the FP Series.

The New Range of Pneumatic Screwdrivers from Sumake boast a huge range of features only found on more expensive models, they include:

  • Less Noise: A unique design of the motor reduces the noise level to help prevent occupational disease from noise damage and allowing workers to work more efficiently. This tool is 4dB lower than the last generation and much lower than many other brands.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable: Internal high-tech mechanical structure combined with an external thermoplastic grip made from elastomer. 20% lighter than other drivers on the market. Straight type FXF4 series not only has great balance design with a soft grip but also has an anti-reflection appearance. The driver is very practical, ergonomic tool and is very comfortable for the operator to use.
  • Torque Management – External Torque Adjustment Ring: To adjust the torque rapidly and easily with an outer torque fix system; besides; torque cover can prevent changing the torque by accident.
  • 30% Less Counterforce: The new generation design has a 30% less counterforce and ergonomic grip to improve operator safety and helps reduce occupation injury and RSI.
  • Green Energy/Environmental Protection – Energy Saving: With a better performance, our tool not only consumes less air thus helping save the environment.
  • High Quality Oil-Free Motor: A unique design of high quality Oil-Free motor provides a 60% torque increase over the conventional motor.
  • Noise levels are between 67 & 72dB depending on model use.
  • Meet ISO5393 & VDI-2647 Standard: They come complete with 4 extra colour coded torque lock covers (for ease of torque setting identification on larger assembly lines with many drivers).
  • High Torque & Low Noise, Push to Start – Auto Shut Off Pneumatic Screwdrivers.
  • All these Pneumatic Screwdrivers accept the standard B HEX 6.35mm (1/4″ Hex) Screwdriver Power Bits which can be purchased on the shop. All the Screwdrivers have a Torque Tolerance of +/- 2%.
Free Speed
Torque Range
(+/- 2dB)
Min Air Hose
Bore (mm)
Air Consumption
Machine Screw
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