EC4 Pneumatic Evo Enamel Wire Stripper

EC4 Pneumatic Evo Enamel Wire Stripper:

The EC4 Magnet Wire Stripper will strip many film insulations including Enamel, Varnish, Formvar, ML etc for a range of wire sizes between 29 AWG (0.28mm O.D.) and 8 AWG (3.25mm O.D.). Using a high speed rotary stripping insert, which is precisely adjustable to match the diameter of the bare conductor, surface insulations is easily removed.  The insert on the EC4 Enamel Wire Stripper is held in a special adjustable chuck assembly which, when locked in position, allows precise repetitive stripping without risk of damage to the conductor.

EC4 Pneumatic Enamel Wire Stripping Machine Operation - Simple Setup & Stripping Operation:

1. Loosen the Chuck Assembly with the two wrenches provided.
2. Place Stripping Insert into the chuck and hand tighten.
3. Place the work piece into the insert and tighten the Chuck Assembly with the wrenches provided so that the insert closes but the work piece can still be removed.
4. Remove the work piece and start the EC4.
5. Strip the wire by pushing into the Stripping Insert and remove to examine.
6. If insulation is not completely removed, switch of EC4, tighten Chuck Assembly and repeat stripping operation.

Stripping Insert Options:
ec2bulet Tapered Bullet
For stripping in confined areas.
ec2conic Conical Face
For ease of wire entry into insert.
ec2flat Flat Face
For stripping flush to the coil body.
Wire Size Heavy Duty Carbide
AWG Nominal O.D. (mm) Cross Section Area
Conical Face Flat Face Tapered Bullet Slot Size Tech Info Only Flat Face
29-20 0.28-0.81 0.06-0.52 C1 (UK3341) F1 (UK3351) B1 (UK3361) 0.8mm 728C
20-16 0.81-1.30 0.52-1.33 C2 (UK3342) F2 (UK3352) B2 (UK3362) 1.2mm 732C
16-14 1.30-1.63 1.33-2.09 C3 (UK3343) F3 (UK3353) B3 (UK3363) 1.6mm 736C
14-12 1.63-2.06 2.09-3.33 C4 (UK3344) F4 (UK3354) B4 (UK3364) 2.0mm 740C
12-10 2.06-2.59 3.33-5.27 C5 (UK3345) F5 (UK3355) B5 (UK3365) 2.4mm -
10-8 2.59-3.25 5.27-8.30 C6 (UK3346) F6 (UK3356) - 2.8mm -
8-6 3.25-4.11 8.30-13.30 - F7** (UK3351) - - -
6-4 4.11-5.18 13.30-21.10 - F8** (UK3351) - - -
**Note to use F7 and F8 Inserts with Larger Chuck Assembly - Must be purchased UK3406.

EC4 Pneumatic Enamel Wire Stripper Technical Data:
Dimensions: 270 x 38mm
Weight: 1Kg
Air Supply: Oil Daily 60-70 PSI
Warranty: 12 Months
Product Order Code: MUK3400 - EC4 Pneumatic Evo Enamel Wire Stripper

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