EC2T Evo Stranded Wire Twisting Machine

The EC2T Wire Twisting Machine is suitable for twisting stranded copper wires between 13AWG and 24AWG.

EC2T Evo Stranded Wire Twister:

The EC2T Rotary Wire Twister quickly restores twist to pre-stripped stranded conductors. Just insert the stripped wire into the rotating guide and withdraw. Standard guide sleeve is drilled to 1.17mm (0.46″) which enabels the smaller size wires to be twisted.

Guide sleeves may be drilled to accommodate your requirements.

13 – 14 AWG – use drill size 2.26mm (0.089″)
15 – 19 AWG – use drill size 1.78mm (0.070″)
20 – 24 AWG – use drill size 1.17mm (0.046″)

Comes equipped with three guide spacers in 3.2mm, 6.35mm and 12.7mm widths to premit twist lengths up to one inch.

ecthead1sm ecthead2sm
Drawing Number Part Number Spare or Wear Item Description Quantity
01 UK3501 S Body ECT Wire Twisting Head 1
02 UK3502 S Outer Cover 1
03 UK3503 W Pinch Block 5.3° 1 Pair
04* UK3504 W Wire Spacer 3.2mm 1
05* UK3505 W Wire Spacer 6.4mm 1
06* UK3506 W Wire Spacer 12.7mm 1
07 UK3507 W Pinch Block 7.5° 1 Pair
10 ZSG0404 S Grub Screw M4 x 4 2
11 ZSG0406 S Grub Screw M4 x 6 1
12* WAKS20 S Adjusting Wrench 2mm 1
* = Not shown on drawing

EC2T Wire Twisting Machine Technical Data:
Dimensions: 160 x 200 x 160mm
Weight: 3.8Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months

Product Order Code:
MUK3375 – EC2T Stranded Wire Twisting Machine

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