*Discontinued* EC-23 Electric Crimping Machine

EC23 Electric Crimping Machine:

The EC-23 Electric Crimping Machine is no longer available and has been replaced by the FEK-60EM Electric CrimperThis datasheet is for reference only.

The EC-23 Electric Crimper is a flexible bench top machine capable of crimping a wide range of connectors and offering superb value for money. The design of this unit allows for quick and easy change over of crimping dies and requires no special tools.

This machine comes supplied with 8 crimping dies but what sets the EC-23 apart from other models on the market, is that it will accept most universal crimping die sets. This offers huge versatility and eliminates the need to buy machine specific die sets which are often costly and cannot be used in other tools. Special crimping die sets can also be manufactured if required. The EC-23 Crimper utilizes a high quality fixed speed motor which delivers high efficiency not only on crimping force
but also in crimping speed. This makes this crimper suitable for working medium to high quantities of crimps. The EC-23 Crimping Machines comes supplied with a standard red, yellow, blue crimping die set and also with the following crimping die sets:

HS-101die Die Type HS-101

AWG 17~7

DIN 1.0~10mm²
HS-04WFLdie Die Type HS-04WFL

AWG 20~12

DIN 0.5~4.0mm²
HS-03Bdie Die Type HS-03B

AWG 17~12

DIN 1.0~4.0mm²
c-c7ec23dieset Die Type C-C7


Diam 7mm or less
HS-10die Die Type HS-10

AWG 22~10

DIN 1.5~6.0mm²
hs02hec23crimperdieset Die Type HS-02H

Fibre Optic, Belden
8279, 55, 58, 59, 62, 140, 142, 223, 303, 400
LY-03Cdie Die Type LY-03C

AWG 20~10

DIN 0.5~6.0mm²
LY-03Cdie Die Type Standard

Red/Yellow/Blue Terminals


EC23 Electric Crimper Technical Data:
Max Crimping Force: 5.5mm²
Crimping Time: 1.5secs (60Hz), 1.8secs (50Hz)
Voltage: 200-230V
Power Consumption: 90W
Dimensions: 325 x 265 x 150mm
Weight: `2.5Kgs

Common Spare Part:
WUX-EM6B2-01 – EC23 Perspex Guard

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