CS60 Electric Wire Stripping Machine

CS60 Electric Wire Stripping Machine:

The CS60 Electric Wire Stripping Machine is very easy to use and is capable of processing up to 6mm OD wire. The settings on the CS60 can be adjusted via the knobs positioned on the front of the CS60 Wire Stripping unit. The clamping force is automatically adjusted to the necessary stripping force, this therefore prevents indentations on sensitive wire insulations. The on-screen counter gives a visual display of how many pieces that have been processed. The carrying handle allows the CS60 to be transported and moved to a different work bench.

CS60 Electric Wire Stripping Machine Technical Data:
Max Wire Size: 6mm OD
Stripping Lengths: 2-20mm
Partial Stripping Length: 2-20mm
Insertion Length + Stripping Length: 15mm + X
Cycle Time (Full-Strip): 0.3secs
Stripping Blades: V Blades
Power Supply: AC230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz on Request)
Dimensions: 363 x 141 x 221mm
Weight: 9.5Kgs

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