CS30 & CK100 Crimp Hand Tools


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CS30 & CK100 Crimp Hand Tools:

The parallel operating crimp system CS30 STRATO meets the highest expectations for all requirements of quality and functional application.

These crimp tools are especially developed for industrial applications to precisely crimp cross-sections from 0.03mm² (AWG32) to 16mm² (AWG 5) using different die sets.

The double guidance system guarantees an even closing force and precise twist resistant guidance for every profile and thus ensures the compliance to the smallest tolerance.

Features: Parallel operating system, high guidance capacity due to double guidance system, exchangeable crimp dies, tool with patented crimp set fixturing for the secure positioning and application in the tool, integrated flap locator for an optimal contact positioning, also outside of the tool, releasable ratchet, low handle force, made of high tempered special steel, specific stressed parts are especially heat-treated.

Please view the PDF document for range of tooling/die sets for these Crimp Hand Tools.

Please phone if you need further assistance with tooling options.

CS30 & CK100 Crimp Hand Tools – Common Die Sets:

 cs30die65b.sm CS30/CK100 AE21 Die Set:

Wire end ferrules with or without insulation sleeve:26-18 AWG, 18-16 AWG,
14 AWG, 12 AWG, 10 AWG, 8 AWG.
csdiea21sm CS30/CK100 65 Die Set:

Flat push on receptacles and tabs without insulation sleeve, DIN nominal width,
F2, 8: F4, 8: F6, 3: F9, 5: DIN 46247
cs30die66sm CS30/CK100 66 Die Set:

Non-insulated cable lugs, closed barrel, W-pressure, DIN 46234/DIN 46230/
DIN 46341












CK100 Crimp Hand Tool: The CK100 Series are suitable for different contacts and cross sections. The precise guide tracking of the tool ensures a high quality application. A large range of die sets are available and the same die sets can be used and exchanged with the CS30 Strato range.


Features: Tool with precise radial closing motion, precision due to special profile geometry, releasable ratchet ensures a complete crimp process. Ergonomic handles anti-slip grip.

CS30 & CK100 Crimp Hand Tool Order Codes:

Product Order Code MCWEZ-CS30 Crimp Hand Tool
MCWEZ-CK100 Crimping Hand Tool


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