CS2000 Evo Outer Jacket Stripper

The CS2000 Manual Outer Jacket Cable Stripper is capable of processing between 3mm and 30.5mm O.D cables and unlimited stripping lengths.

CS2000 Evo Outer Jacket Stripper:

The CS2000 is a robust bench mounted, hand operated Lever Wire Stripper designed to strip many kinds of extruded insulation including PVC, Polythene, Rubber and Nylon. A large selection of standard blades are available and specific blade sizes can be manufactured to order. A cable length stop and cable rest plus a simple set-up procedure ensures accurate and repetitive wire strip quality. The lever handle action gives excellent mechanical advantage and automatically operates the precision ground die blades and cable grippers in one easy movement giving a clean strip of the Outer Jacket without damage to the conductors.

CS2000 Outer Jacket Stripper Operation:
Simple Setup & Stripping Operation.
Fit to Blade Holders and Lock in Position.
Set Adjustable Length Stop for the Correct Wire Strip Length.
Push Lever Handle Forwards to Open Stripping Blades.
Lay Cable on Cable Rest and Position to Length Stop.
Pull back on Lever Handle, the Cable is Automatically Gripped by the Clamps and the Stripping Blades close to Remove the Insulation Slug.

Wire strip length maximum is for one cycle of the unit. Strip length may be increased by cycling the strip (please view the Youtube demonstration videos).

CS2000 Outer Jacket Stripping Machine Die Blade Options:
cs2000outerjacketstripperstandaradblades STANDARD
For round wires and cables the design of the blade holder enables
adjustment up to next blade size
cs2000outerjacketstripperflatblades FLAT
Flat die blades will strip down to very fine wire providing there is
sufficient insulation thickness for the blades to sever. They are
also good for stripping flat telecom type cable.
cs2000outerjacketstripperspecialblades SPECIAL
Custom manufactured for your specific application can be
made for ribbon, ‘D’ Telecom, Bell wire etc.

The CS2000 is manufactured in house in the UK by Series 4 – The picture attached shows the CNC Machining process of the casting prior to assembly.

Standard Die Blade Selection for CS2000 Outer Jacket Stripper:

Part NumberBlade Dia (mm)Part NumberBlade Dia (mm)Part NumberBlade Dia (mm)

CS2000 Outer Jacket Wire Stripper Technical Data:
Min Strip Length: 2mm
Max Strip Length: 86.5mm (Long lengths can be achieved by cycling of the strip, this also depends on cable construction.
Min Wire Diameter: 3mm O.D.
Max Wire Diameter: 30.5mm O.D.
Powered By: Mechanical Hand Operation
Dimensions: 170 x 290 x 140mm
Hand & Length Stop Size: Handle: 340mm, Length Stop: 280mm
Weight: 6.5Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months

Product Order Code:
MUK7000 – CS2000 Manual Outer Jacket Stripper

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