*Discontinued* CM101 Lead Free Solder Pot

CM101 Lead Free Solder Pot:

Introducing the new CM101 Lead Free Solder Pot. This new Lead Free titanium alloy soldering pot has a built in advanced microcomputer digital control and display system, making it more safe, steady and accurate. The Solder Pot has a neat and compact body and easily accessible power switch. The required temperature is achieved quickly and maintained by the digital control, ensuring a constant operating temperature.

• The CM-101 solder pot will heat up to 450°C from room temperature within 25 Minutes.
• With an advanced microcomputer, the digital control and double displays make this solder pot more accurate.
• Due to the Titanium Alloy Crucible, this solder pot can reach higher temperatures without damaging the Crucible.
• The CM-101 Solder Pot has a built in automatic sleep function which prolongs the lifetime of the machine.

cm101leadfreesolderpotfrontpanel cm101leadfreesolderpotcrucible
(CM-101 Front Display Panel) (CM-101 Square Crucible)

CM101 Lead Free Solder Pot Technical Data:
Power: 800W, 220V
Temperature Range: 0-600°C
Dimensions: 327 x 175 x 120mm
Crucible Size: 100 x 100 x 45mm
Solder Capacity: 3.2Kgs

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